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Late Nite Set: The Smell of Defeat

I stood in a room full of wolves and smelled what might be the first presence of defeat.  My shoulders hunched, not sure of my status within the game.  My knees start to weaken as I hear them wanting me dead.

Something, though.  Something is lingering.  I know this isn’t it. This is not the time.  A poem was penned long before the first and last aggressors show.

 The Smell of Defeat was inspired by Nicholas Desamory’s extravagant ‘All the Pretty Flowers’, posted by a favorite music blog of mine      called THE RECOMMENDER.  Please have listen, read the article…the mere shock that the mix of sounds produces within will wake you out of any defeated slumber.



Late Nite Set: It’s Africa, Baby.

As with anything that is daring and fearlessly made, I can’t stress enough how important the album Kinshasa One Two is.  It was created by DRC Music, a collective of producers/musicians, led by David Albarn, who travelled to the Congo to work with local musicians.  Within 5 days they had created this groundbreaking album.

The song I highlight tonight is called ‘Halo’ (featuring Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge) with some vocals by Mr. Albarn himself. (If you are a Gorillaz fan, you will recognize his voice right away.)  When you are done listening, I encourage you to visit the website where you can see pictures and videos of the group working together, a truly inspiring thing to witness.http://drcmusic.org

But first, get your international dancin’ shoes on, cause we headed to Africa, baby: http://soundcloud.com/drcmusic/hallo-featuring-tout-puissant

M.Crissy Unravels…

I write, in a room with families and children and reality nearby, but always a few walls away.  so I can go anywhere when I write to you, be anyone, and tell you of my great travels.

Tonight my journey started with wondering how, where, who I need to send the Spy Radio message to, and has taken me to a ball of yarn, and how Bjork spun a brilliant masterpiece that has been copied but never bettered.  Her song, ‘Unravel’, has been covered by Radiohead, Camille Ruiz, and others.  And the video has me stopped still.  ‘Course, at this point on my travels I am about 1 1/2 glasses of wine in so I may have just dozed for a bit…but…whatever, not the point.

Please have a listen to these four tracks, which you can find on a blog called ‘Turntable Kitchen‘.  It’s written by a couple from San Francisco who share their love of food and music with good folks like you and me.

Bjork, as always, reminds me that innovation and the unusual have a very special place and purpose in this world.

And so, I continue on.


Lyric Sheet for ‘The Separation’…

The Separation

Oh, my sanity is leaving me.  This is not a world for little girls.

It is a serious Devastation when a father forsook his girls for a Liberation.

And who would hate that Decision, but the daughter who’s living The Separation?

You did all you could, I wish you well.  You destroy the child but not your hell.

Your character and your crimes, were not worth my life this time.

It is a serious Devastation when a father forsook his girls for a Liberation.

And who would hate that Decision, but the daughter who’s living The Separation?

Oh, it’s over now.  Let’s take a bow.  When the curtain’s down so goes this round.

And who would hate that Decision, but the daughter who’s living The Separation?

‘Carry Myself’…Have a listen!

“My dear I love you,

Above all and everything else,

But just for today slide off my back

So I can carry myself.”

Have a listen: http://soundcloud.com/spyradiomusic/carry-myself

What’s your favorite place to listen to music?

Top three:

1. my car.  driving.  music blaring.  singing/shouting along.  pure, sweet freedom.

2. my bedroom.  because I can dance like no one is watching….because no one is watching.

3. hands down crowd pleaser: the train platform at 30th street station.  because I am always SO SURE that if everyone else could hear the jam I’m tapping my foot to, they would all bust into a dance a la disorganized flash mob style…the train platform would become the dance floor and all of our suit jackets would be used like towels to wipe the sweat off our gyrating hips.

What’s your favorite place?

~M. Crissy.


Friend: Wait, what is spy radio again?SPy raDIo Bug.

Me: It’s a music project.

Friend: Right.


Wait…what does that mean?

Haha, we get that a lot, Race Bannon and me.  It’s a fair question.  Usually a listener gets introduced to music through an identifiable image of the artist or a distinct sound.  Most of the time, however, the image of the artist overshadows the sound.

Race Bannon and I want to do something with this project that introduces music in a truly OG way to listeners:

First, creating an image that is fun, interesting, and really allows the listener to focus on the MUSIC.  We are not hating on any artist out there whose music career is driven by their image.  We get that.  Image is a part of this job, like it or not.  Our thought is, why not- especially since we have a sound that lends itself to pushing boundaries- use image in a way that really brings the focus back to the music?  Before there were cameras and TV, magazines and a million gadgets that connect us all together, someone chose a song to listen to based entirely on the sound.  Our goal is to utilize image in a way to bring that focus back.

Second, we have spent 6+ years honing the sound and musical ideal of spy radio.  It’s a sound that is different and always evolving.  And without a traditional image to be tied to, we truly have the freedom to challenge the listener with boundary-breaking tunes.  We also believe that music isn’t made in a void, and that collaboration is where artists can really come up with something new.  You will be hearing more than one voice, sound, and musical style over the course of the next year, so stay tuned…

I hope this helps to clear things up, though the definition of Spy Radio is meant to be ever-changing, so further clarification will most likely be needed in the future.  Until then, any other questions/comments/inqueries are welcomed.

Thanks for reading.

~M. Crissy

~sPy rAdiO. Is. bAcK.

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